Interest and fee

Interest rate transparency, borrowing costs and There is no hidden cost

High quota and low
interest fee

Loan amount:UXG30,000 to UXG600,000.
Loan period:7-90 days.
Borrow and repay in a flexible way.

Easy to apply

No credit record is required. Residents aged 18-60 with a stable source of income can apply online anytime and anywhere. The operation is simple, and the fast.

Safe guard

Super technology, full encryption, Protect your personal information security.

  • Customer Impact

    “NICE APP. Platform is good, and the operation is simple and the money will arrive quickly!Very good,This is the best loan app for me! ”


  • Customer Impact

    “I have been recommending Kasente. With small business people, when you go into a bank, they require so many things. But with Kasente, there is no security required. Kasente believes in you.”


  • Customer Impact

    “Kasente trust has supported me from the very beginning. Because of Kasente, I was able to finish my college degree. In my last month, I had to pay for my graduation exams, along with food, rent and transportation. I couldn’t have finished my degree without Kasente.”


  • Customer Impact

    “Kasente has been the best thing that I have ever had. It was Kashbean who gave me that first chance, that first trust, that first step. And now I’m here. I’ve brought my family to Kampala. We have a really nice house and my kid is going to school. Everything is rolling out positively, thanks to Kasente.”


  • Customer Impact

    “Kasente is kind, understanding and giving. He knows what we’re going through and is always willing to help out…I’ve tried other loaning apps and websites, but they ask for way too much information. With Kasente, they only ask me for one ID.”